27th International Japanese-English Translation Conference in Sendai

27th International Japanese-English Translation Conference in Sendai
第27回英日・日英翻訳国際会議 仙台大会


テーマ:復活/Reconstruction, Revitalization, Recovery…
The Japan Association of Translators (JAT) is looking forward to its next major conference, the 27th International Japanese-English Translation conference (IJET-27), in Sendai.  A total of thirty sessions in 5 concurrent tracks will be presented on June 18 (Sat) and 19 (Sun), 2016, at the Sendai International Center.  Our keynote speaker, Professor Kazumi Shimodate of Tohoku Gakuin University, has a special surprise to show off the local dialect of Tohoku-ben. It will be 5 years since the triple disaster of the Great East Japan Earthquake, and Tohoku has generally started to recover. Similarly, participants will be invited to consider how to rebuild their business by creating new opportunities and expanding their skills.  IJET is the perfect opportunity to hone your translation and interpreting skills while networking with professionals from around the world. We hope you will join us in 2016 in Sendai, the City of Trees!
5トラックの同時進行で、合計30のセッションが予定されています。東北学院大学 下館和巳教授による基調講演では、東北弁をご披露してくださるなど、教授の意外な一面を見ることができるかもしれません。